BGVB Mortgage Loan


To provide hassle free credit to meet working capital requirements I augment long-term margin I financing of fixed assets related to business activity or for expansion of business. The Term Loan under the scheme shall also be for general purpose of the borrower to meet business or profession or any personal requirement. The followings Business Entities are included under the scheme:

  • Trading
  • MSME Enterprises (Both priority & Non priority).

Facility shall not be granted for:

  • Term loan I OD to builders /developers against mortgage of unsold flats or projects under construction . Loans to Builders I Property dealers I Real estate agents/ Real estate/capital marked investment in or for giving loans to associate/group/sister concerns . Term loan/ OD backed by mortgage of land and building of Educational Institution and/or mortgage of properties of promoters for setting up of Educational Institution or for infrastructural development of existing institution . Term Loan/OD cannot be extended against property of Nursing Homes/Hospitals, Orphanages, Old Age Homes or any other Social Sector Infrastructure Speculative & prohibited by Law purpose.
  • Third Party property shall not be eligible for loan under the scheme (except family members or close relatives). Close relative means: Spouse, Father, Mother, Son, Un married daughter, Brother, Sister, Brother's wife.