Krishak Jyoti

Conventional power does not reach many parts of the rural Bengal. In the areas where conventional electricity reaches, there are strong arguments for switching to nature based Solar and Wind Power. Moreover, Solar and Wind power generations are clean and eco-friendly. They do no deplete scarce resources. In a world of diminishing fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse effects, it is the only way to ensure sustainable development of energy.

  • The Bank introduced this scheme to augment and widen the clientele base of Bank.
  • Our relationship with the rural people will automatically deepen.
  • The facility can be given to the farmers in rural /semi-urban areas.
  • This facility will help the Bank for fulfilment of the social obligation particularly, financial inclusion in the adopted villages.
  • It will promote use of non conventional energy and increase awareness at village level like;
    • More working hours during night time.
    • Longer and better studying environment for students.
    • Increased social activities at Night.
    • Lesser chance of snake/insects bite at night.
    • Reduction of indoor pollution.
    • It will change social status of the poor to whom it was dream to light the hut.
Area of Operation: