Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

The Monitoring Committee Meeting convened by GOI has reviewed the existing clarifications on documentary evidence to be taken in respect of farmer and non-farmer category promoters of Rural Godown

  • The criteria for a person to be categorised as a farmer, would continue to be a person, who earns a major share of his income from agriculture. For categorizing a borrower, who was filing Income Tax returns, copies of the IT returns of the last three years would be scrutinized for deciding his/her major source of income
  • However, in case of a borrower who was not filing IT returns an affidavit indicating / affirming / declaring the following would be obtained.
    • Details of Agricultural land holding owned by the borrower
    • Main source of income is from Agriculture
    • Not an income tax assessee and does not file IT returns
    • Declaration to the effect that in case information furnished is found to be incorrect at any stage, the entrepreneur shall be liable to repay the subsidy amount together with interest applicable as per prevailing norms and shall also be liable for prosecution.