BGVB Transport Scheme

For the growth of the nation's economy, the MSMEs play a vital role. They not only give employment to a large number of unskilled and semi-skilled people but also support bigger industries by supplying raw material, basic goods, finished parts and components. The critical role and place of the MSME sector in the Indian Economy in employment generation, exports and economic empowerment of a vast section of the population is well established. Further, to facilitate the MSME segment, transport vehicle plays a very crucial role in transportation of the goods from one place another place.,, passenger vehicles are also important in terms of facilitating movement of people in different places. Keeping in view of the importance of the above, a dedicated scheme has been devised under MSME Segment.


To purchase Autos, Taxies, E-rickshaws, Commercial Vehicles (LCV/MCV/HCV), Cargo Vehicles etc. operating on any kind of energy which are permitted by State I Local authorities etc.