Current Deposit

Current Accounts can be opened by individuals/proprietorship concern/ partnership firms/ Private and Public Limited Companies/ HUFs/ Specified Associates/ Societies/Trusts, Department of Authority created by Government (Central or State) Limited Liability Partnership etc. Current Deposit Account, the Bank will normally stipulate certain minimum balances to be maintained as part of terms and conditions governing operation of such accounts. Failure to maintain minimum balance in the account will attract levy of charges as specified by the Bank from time to time.

Normally, a statement of account will be issued on monthly basis to a Current account holder, without any cost. Periodicity for issuance of statement of account may be mutually agreed and altered also. A Current account holder, if desires to get a Pass Book instead of Statement of Account, he will be issued a Pass Book. If he desires to get additionally any statement of account, besides the passbook the same may be issued against levy of service charges.