Agriculture and rural sectors play an important role in India’s overall development strategy in terms of income and employment generation and poverty alleviation. Great significance has, therefore, been accorded to developing appropriate institutions and mechanisms for catering to the credit requirements of these sectors.

Government of India promoted Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) through the RRBs Act of 1976 to bridge the gap in the flow of credit to the rural poor. The RRBs have a special place in the multi-agency approach adopted to provide agricultural and rural credit in India. These banks are state-sponsored, regionally-based and rural-oriented.

Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank was set up on 21st February, 2007 by amalgamation of the five RRBs sponsored by Punjab National Bank in the State of West Bengal viz. Gaur Gramin Bank (GGB), Mallabhum Gramin Bank (MGB), Sagar Gramin Bank (SGB), Nadia Gramin Bank (NGB), and Murshidabad Gramin Bank (MuGB) under the provision of section 23(A) of RRB Act, 1976, having its Head Office at Berhampore, District Murshidabad, West Bengal. The operational area of Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank was kept unchanged as was covered by the constituent RRBs.

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