Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank was set up on 21st February, 2007 by amalgamation of the five RRBs sponsored by Punjab National Bank in the State of West Bengal viz. Gaur Gramin Bank (GGB), Mallabhum Gramin Bank (MGB), Sagar Gramin Bank (SGB), Nadia Gramin Bank (NGB), and Murshidabad Gramin Bank (MuGB) under the provision of section 23(A) of RRB Act, 1976, having its Head Office at Berhampore, District Murshidabad, West Bengal. The operational area of Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank was kept unchanged as was covered by the constituent RRBs.

The prime objective of the Bank remains undiluted, to act as a catalyst to develop rural economy through credit dispensation to productive activities to agrarian populace. With the higher exposure limit, Bank is now enabled to cater to the need of emerging enterprises mainly in the field of agriculture and MSME. In the process, our focus continues to be on JLG, SHG and KCC in Agriculture Sector and enterprises under MSME Sector particularly those under MUDRA and Retail Credit like Housing Loan, Mortgage Loan, Car Loan etc. The Bank is fully migrated to CBS Platform since 13th Aug 2011.